Wondermark Cast Cards BLIND PACK

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Wondermark Cast Cards are little desk plaques, featuring portraits of the Wondermark cast of characters, that commemorate various moments we have shared together as friends!

Each card was produced by me here at Wondermark HQ, and was issued to honorees for a limited time. (Here is the full list of all 52 Cast Cards that were issued.) Each card also features—of course—a comprehensive list of that character’s vital statistics on the reverse. 

This is a BLIND PACK item. The cards you will receive will be random. The pictures are examples only, and may not reflect what you actually receive. However, every order will contain a varied assortment (no duplicates).

If you already have any Cast Cards, you can specify which one(s) in the text box, and I will try to avoid duplicating them, as stock allows! However, supplies are limited to stock on hand.

The cards issued here are production overruns. Every card is marked with two copper-colored dots on the back to indicate Not Original Issue. No further copies of these Cast Cards will ever be manufactured.

Each card ships with a removable foot, so it can stand proudly on any flat surface. The Full Sleeve option also comes with the plastic binder sleeve pictured.

Here is a walkthrough of how the cards are made! And here is an archive of announcements of the different ones!