Greeting Cards.

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Premium linen cardstock, envelopes included. The images on the cards are reproduced directly from authentic 19th-century primary sources. I defy you to find any of these illustrations in a clip-art book anywhere.

Cards can be ordered in multiples of 3, 10, and 25. For example, for 6 cards, order two of the 3-packs.

You can mix & match designs however you like to fill a pack. Below are the card designs currently available. Click any thumbnail for a closer look!

Multi-Purpose Cards are also available in 12-PACKS (2 each of 6 designs – universal or holidays)! If you order the packs, they come in a COOL BOX (pictured above). The Universal set comes in the silver-stamped box; the Holiday set comes in the gold.

For close-up images of all the cards in the Multi-Purpose Sets, click here (Universal Set) and here (Holiday Set).

The HV- cards are in the Holiday set; the others make up the Universal set.

We also offer downloadable, printable versions of the Multi-Purpose Sets: Universal Set and Holiday Set.

^ Valentine: Gax

^ Valentine: Bear

^ Valentine: Fallen

^ Valentine: Paper

^ Valentine: Whisper

^ Multi-Purpose X2-V

^ Multi-Purpose X4-E
(Thinking of You)

^ Multi-Purpose X5-B

^ Multi-Purpose X7-H

^ Multi-Purpose X8-R

^ Multi-Purpose X9-G
(Thank You)

^ Any Occasion: Present

^ Any Occasion: Piranhamoose

^ Any Occasion: You Rock

^ Thank You: Eagle

^ Birthday: Old

^ Blank Inside: Rules

^ Blank Inside: Gadget

^ Blank Inside: Library

^ Blank Inside: Ocean

^ Blank Inside: Futurism

^ Blank Inside: Rhino

^ Multi-Purpose HV-1

^ Multi-Purpose HV-2

^ Multi-Purpose HV-3

^ Multi-Purpose HV-4

^ Multi-Purpose HV-5

^ Multi-Purpose HV-6

^ Holidays: Song

^ Holidays: Negotiator

^ Holidays: Snowman

^ Holidays: Mistletoe

^ Holidays: Mad Night

^ Holidays: Antlers

^ Holidays: Barrel

^ Holidays: Tree

^ Holidays: Shepherds

^ Holidays: Roof

^ Holidays: Wise Man

^ Holidays: Jail

^ Holidays: Cello

^ Holidays: Chanukah

^ Holidays: Stab

^ NEW! Holidays: Jingle

To order, add the quantity you would like to your cart, and then in the “Special Instructions” box on the shopping cart page, enter which cards you would like. (This step isn’t necessary if you’ve chosen the “Random” option.)

Example: 6 x Bear, 6 x Pretend

Don’t worry if what you write doesn’t show up on the order summary — this field is transmitted to me separately. As long as you write something in there, I’ll be able to read it. If what you write adds up wrong, I'll email you to clarify, but this may delay your order.

Thanks! Enjoy the cards!