Multi-Purpose Greeting Card Sets

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Our Multi-Purpose Cards are available in 12-PACKS with 2 each of 6 different designs – either universal occasions, or holiday-specific!

Update: The preassembled Universal sets are sold out for now. Please feel free to build your own pack!

For close-up images of all the cards in the Multi-Purpose Sets, click here (Universal Set) and here (Holiday Set).

We also offer downloadable, printable versions of both Multi-Purpose Sets! Both A4 and US Letter sized versions come in the download. (Print a page, fold in half twice, and there’s your card! Or print them double-sided, if you’re clever.) 

The digital version of the Universal set even comes with TWO BONUS CARDS: a Save the Date, and a Party Invitation. 

Or, you can order any of these cards individually if you don’t want this precise assortment. The quantity discount is better if you get them in this pack, but hey, that’s the price of freedom.