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Delightful Artifacts of a Ridiculous World

Since 2003, I’ve made Wondermark comic strips and put them on a website! Now, using this same website technology, here are some other things I’ve made as well, physical things, things you can have mailed to your house and keep for as long as you like.

I designed the things you see below and will be happy to ship them to you with my own two hands! 


  • You can also see apparel, posters and prints, and lots of other gift items in my partner store at TopatoCo; or, you can see a different selection of apparel over at T-Shirt Diplomacy.
  • I also offer digital goods (ebooks and downloads, including printable versions of my greeting cards) on Gumroad.
  • Individual stickers are available via Sticker Mule.
  • I help people make customized coasters and magnets through my shingle Metro Vista Design.
  • Finally, if you would like to support Wondermark without cluttering your life with material objects, you may also be interested in my Patreon.

Below and at right are many listings you may peruse.

Featuring These Fine Things And Many Others