The Wondermark Calendar 2018

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Your daily companion throughout 2018: Santarelli & Sons Expert Thingsmiths’ Catalog of Contraptions – The new Wondermark Calendar!

Enjoy 30 pages of the finest contrivances and apparatusi ever devised. A TOOL FOR EVERY ILL. 

Here are some things we can say about this year’s Wondermark Calendar FOR SURE:

• It is compatible with any previous year’s stands, so if you already have one, you don’t need a new one!

• However, this year’s stand features an all-new design (pictured), unique to this year.

• All calendars will ship with a new, exclusive Wondermark Cast Card featuring famed proprietor and expert thingsmith Edouardo Santarelli.

• Calendar patrons of five years or more are ALSO eligible for a “Calendar Ace” Cast Card – just let us know, in the Special Instructions box at checkout, that you qualify.

The “Magnet Kit” option listed above is a set of five little framed magnets, similar in style to our Mini Buddies but in Wondermark comic-themed designs. You can see a picture of the complete set below! 

Calendars are IN STOCK and SHIPPING NOW.