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Vinyl Sticker Packs.


Thirteen different awesome stickers! Excellent quality weatherproof vinyl, screenprinted by Contagious Graphics. These stickers have no URL or other tiny print fouling up the design. They are just pure stickery goodness from edge to edge. 

“Party like it’s 1899” was drawn by the peerless Steve Hogan. The unicycling ninja is from this strip, Piranhamoose is from these strips, Gax (the tentacle alien) can be seen in action here, Bears in Ill-Fitting Hats are from here, "bibliophibian" is from here, and the robot (Steamovak) is from this strip. The others are just general awesomeness.

To order one of the multi-packs, add it to your cart, and then in the “Special Instructions” box on the shopping cart page, indicate which designs you’d like, and how many.

Example: 5 x Revolution, 3 x Ninja, 2 x Piranhamoose

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