Bearstache Pocketbooks

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The Bearstache Pocketbooks are little paperbacks on funny themes! Here are the two that exist so far:

Horrid Little Stories – Sixty Dark and Tiny Tales of Misery and Woe: Short little stories about people dying, getting hurt, hurting each other, falling in love, hurting themselves, etc., all written in verse! The contents originally saw print as the pages of the 2008-2012 Wondermark calendars. This book also contains a few bonus verses too!

Classy Lady Like You Will Love the Smell of My Butt: A handy pocket-sized collection of the very best animal-themed Wondermark comic strips! Crazy pets, neurotic zoo animals, fun-loving livestock, and plenty of bears in ill-fitting hats all come together for the first time in paperback -- including some recent Wondermark favorites that have never before been collected in print.

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