The Wondermark Calendar 2019

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Our limited-edition 2019 calendar is sold out! BUT—You can download our alternate 2019 calendars here.

Your daily companion throughout 2019: Examining Ill Pachyderms: A Veteronorfian Field Guide – The new Wondermark Calendar!

Heading out on safari? Hoping to look closely at some big animals with diseases? Take along this helpful manual of diagnostic and clinical information to aid you in peering at leathery beasts who may be feeling under the weather. 

(Also newly available is The Elephant of Surprise, a paperback book collecting the complete Wondermark sick elephant saga, as well as every classic strip that was referenced in the storyline. Order the book separately right here.)

Here are some things we can say about this year’s Wondermark Calendar FOR SURE:

• Each limited-edition progressive-style calendar comes with 28 pages of art and text, with two weeks of 2019 visible on each page. Each copy of the calendar is uniquely signed and numbered on the title page. )If you're not familiar with the progressive calendar, here is an explanation!)

• It is compatible with any previous year’s stands, so if you already have one, you don’t need a new one! You just need the cards refill.

• However, this year’s stand features an all-new design, unique to this year. The 2019 stands are all individually signed and dated.

• All calendars and/or books (optionally) ship with a new, exclusive Wondermark Cast Card featuring professional veteronorfian Sir Kel F. Finnt. Note that this will be the final year for the Cast Cards.

• Calendar patrons of five years or more are ALSO eligible for a “Calendar Ace” Cast Card – just select the option above indicating that you qualify. (We’ll cross-reference with our records, but don’t count on us to proactively remember you.)