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The Wondermark Calendar 2016

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Un-Named Beasts of the Forgotten Wilds; and, The Names I Gave Them


From the Personal Diaries of Dr Priscilla Dustbin, duly recorded on her many travels to the Shadowy Corners of the Globe;

Subsequently mislabeled in the Bodleian Library, and only recently rediscovered by Quite Surprised Researchers seeking Quite Different Things;

Presented here Whole and Entire, unexpurgated, unabridged, without redaction in Any Instance;

Even when it might have been wise to Do So, for the Safety and Well-being of the Reading Public;

All entries assumed True, or, at least, Honest Observations by the Doctor of what she Thought she Saw;

Further judgment Reserved.


Every order will ship with a miniature commemorative plaque, celebrating this year’s calendar. This ‘Cast Card’ will feature a portrait of one of the calendar’s characters, along with a full list of their vital statistics. It’s sort of like a baseball card, except not about baseball, and made of wood.

This Cast Card is unique in design to the calendar offering, and one will be included free with all orders. (For those keeping track, it is Cast Card release #2.)

• The very first Wondermark calendar was released December 2007. If this will be your fifth calendar (or more), we consider you a Calendar Ace! If this describes you, then in the Special Instructions box at checkout, indicate which four (or more) other years you have enjoyed our calendar. We will include a second unique Cast Card, celebrating your achievement. It is a free gift from us, to say thank you!

If you qualify, please request it specifically: we will not include this by default. (For those keeping track, the Calendar Ace achievement card is release #3. There will likely be others, available in the future, at other times.)

•  If you would like to indulge your art collector side, you may choose to bundle your calendar with a piece of original art! We have a few of the watercolors left from 2014’s calendar, the Roll-a-Sketch Yearbook. Each hand-painted piece arrives matted, with ink drawing and biographical text overlaid on clear acetate. All pieces are unique, and we will pick out a favorite for you, at random. SOLD OUT!


This progressive-style desk calendar features 29 separate biweekly cards, arranged for continuous flow, i.e. the way we experience time. It contains all the regular U.S. & Canadian holidays (including the new ones celebrated by Wondermark adherents worldwide).

This year, each card features an illustration (with accompanying text) of one of the unusual creatures observed by the eccentric naturalist Dr Priscilla Dustbin.

Every set of calendar cards is individually signed and numbered by me! Since 2008, our calendars have been printed in a strictly limited edition, which sells out every year.

As usual, our calendar sits on a special backboard. Our backboards are individually laser-cut by Dapper Devil. If you already have a backboard from the 2013, 2014, or 2015 calendar, it will fit this year’s as well, and may be re-used.

To learn more about the format and design of this calendar, see these posts: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 

Finally: you can also get the calendar in a pleasing bundle with our pair of Pocketbooks, Classy Lady Like You Will Love the Smell of My Butt, our collection of animal-themed comics, and Horrid Little Stories, which collects all the verses from the 2008-2012 calendars! (These volumes are also available separately.)

☆ Please note that First Class Mail shipping to non-U.S. destinations frequently takes 2 weeks or longer. Priority Mail is faster, if that’s important.

This is YEAR EIGHT of the calendar and it is proving to be AMONG THE BEST. This page will be edited to include updated images as the days wend on, approaching the calendar’s arrival, slouching toward Bethlehem, &c.

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