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The Wondermark Calendar 2015

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A First-Ever Account of the Concert of Conscience: A True Tale of History


It is well-known that on a certain evening in Hamburg, a summer night in 18__, a concert was held which permanently afflicted all in attendance gravely and irreversibly. No one knows—or will tell—how such a collection of instruments were made to play in harmony; no one knows—or will tell—how such dumb constructs of wood, brass, and bone came to possess such power.

In the years since the incident, no full account has been made of the particulars. Contemporaneous articles speak obliquely of the concert’s ‘effect’, or allude obliquely to its ‘consequence’. It exists as a ghostly impression upon history, an ill-remembered, fading scar. We shall spend one year opening that wound to see what jewels it may contain.

Within, for the first and only time, is what was heard on that evening, a night black, without stars...

This progressive-style desk calendar features 29 separate biweekly cards, arranged for continuous flow, i.e. the way we experience time. It contains all the regular U.S. & Canadian holidays (including the new ones celebrated by Wondermark adherents worldwide).

This year, each card features an illustration of one of the orchestra members from the terrible, wretched, haunting and unforgettable Concert of Conscience. As in last year’s edition, the images are drawn by me and watercolored by Max Loren Shepard. (Original art from the 2013 calendar is also available.)

Every set of calendar cards is individually numbered, and signed by both me and Max. Since 2008, our calendars have been printed in a strictly limited edition, which sells out every year.

Our calendar sits on a backboard! Our backboards are individually laser-cut by Dapper Devil. If you already have a backboard from the 2013 or 2014 calendar, it may be re-used for this year’s.

To learn more about the format and design of this calendar, see these posts: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 

You may also pair the calendar with a discounted copy of Horrid Little Stories, which collects all the verses from the 2008-2012 calendars! (Also available separately.)

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