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The Most Original Greetings Extant.

We're thrilled to present Monocle Poppers™, a comprehensive line of original greeting cards for every occasion, designed by David Malki !, the creator of Cards can be bought in nearly any quantity, and you can create your own customized sets with discounts for multiples. 

Listen to me. You never need to buy cheesy drugstore cards again. All our cards are totally original and will make you look brilliant.

All cards come with envelopes included, of course! 

Click below to see some of my favorites:

Holidays: Mad Night (NEW!)

Holidays: Antlers (NEW!)

Holidays: Negotiator

Holidays: Mistletoe

Holidays: Cello

Holidays: Stab

Holidays: Wise Man

Holidays: Roof

Holidays: Shepherds

Holidays: Jail

Multi-Purpose X5-B (General)

Multi-Purpose X7-H (Occasions)

Multi-Purpose X7-B
(Thinking of You)

Any Occasion: Piranhamoose

To order cards, or to check out the full list of greeting card designs, well here you go!

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