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Wrapping Paper Sheets


We received a run of Wondermark posters printed on a slightly thinner paper stock than we expected (about 80# text, if you care). So, we're making them available as wrapping paper sheets! 

“The Zoological Times Table” (the brightly colored one) is an extremely scientific matrix showing what would happen if you mated every type of animal with every other type of animal. An abridged version of the Spotter's Guide was published here at Wondermark and also in the book Emperor of the Food Chain.

“Sponsored Messages” is a collection of faux-Victorian advertisements and catalog entries compiled from Wondermark printed editions and chapbooks. It looks serious, but it’s 100% jokes. Some of it is EXTREMELY TINY JOKES. (If you have any of the Wondermark books, you’ve seen this sort of parody material in the ads page near the front.)

These specific versions of this fine content will hold up to use as wrapping paper very well, and the Sponsored Messages design in particular makes for a very striking pattern.

They would also make good placemats or cheap wallpaper, or perhaps they could be made into a very handsome lampshade.


Each sheet is 16 x 20" and is perfect to enclose an item approximately 8 x 10 x 2" (which, conveniently, is the exact box size of the puzzles that bear the exact same designs! Why not get a puzzle...and wrap it in the same artwork???) 

Or, of course, you could use multiple sheets for a single present, LIKE A PEASANT.

If you were to cut off the sides of the Zoological Times Table poster, just the colored grid section alone is 12 x 16", and so can only accomodate a slightly smaller box than might have the entire sheet – as physicists who understand the arithmetics of volumetric topography will affirm.

Sheets ship in a tube by default, unless you request they be shipped flat. They will ship unfolded regardless (unless you request otherwise, I guess).

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