Thermal 4x6" label printer – Zebra LP 2844

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USB thermal label printer. Our trusty workhorse around the shop. We’ve since upgraded, but this fella still has a lot of love to give. 

Prints 4x6" postage labels from Endicia (and perhaps and eBay and places like that? You’d have to check on that). Full compatibility with any other postage program is outside of my experience with this printer.

This is an ideal printer if you’re printing USPS labels from Endicia or want to print labels from a word processing program.

Once installed, it’ll print from anywhere like any other printer, but it really prefers PostScript applications such as OpenOffice.

It can also print vector images well from Preview. But it doesn’t do great with generic PDFs or bitmap images that aren’t 203dpi (this printer’s native resolution). They’ll print, but they come out pixelly.  

This package comes with the printer, the AC adapter, a USB cable, and the rest of the roll of labels already in the printer (probably a couple hundred in there). No ink or ribbon is required with this printer. Generic replacement label rolls are available online anywhere.

Read more about the specs of this printer here.