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Bumper Stickers.


Excellent quality weatherproof vinyl stickers:

The Meta Sticker is 2.75″ × 11″ and based on this comic. It reads “Bumper stickers are an ineffectual means of communicating my nuanced views on a variety of issues that cannot be reduced to a single pithy slogan.” UPDATE: Our new printing of the sticker is 2.75 x 8". Picture will be updated soon.

The Honor Student Sticker is 2.75″ × 8.5″ and based on this comic. It reads “I was an honor student /I don’t know what happened.”

The Flying Car Sticker is 2.75″ × 8.5″ and reads “This thing should fly by now /Seriously c'mon it's the 21st dang century.”

The Upside Down Sticker is 2.75″ × 8.5″ and reads “This sticker is upside down.” You can apply it any direction you like, depending on whether you are a realist or an ironist.

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