2021 Wondermark Calendar (Download & Print)

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Note: Downloadable files in this product are still the 2021 edition.  

These are calendars you can download and print at home! Or at work. Definitely print them at work.

These 30-page (or in one case, 12-page) desk calendars can sit in an easel on your desk; can hang from a nail or pin; or will even fit an old Wondermark calendar stand, with some hole-punching required after you print out the pages. 

I’ve even included instructions for making your own easel out of cardboard, if you like!

Content-wise, these are reissues of Wondermark calendars from years past. I’ve updated the dates to 2021, and reformatted the pages to show 4 weeks per page (but you still cycle the pages every 2 weeks, so you can always see at least 2 weeks ahead).

All this content has previously been exclusive to only these prior years’ printed editions of the Wondermark calendar. 

Choose from any of these five designs! The links below take you to updates from the original release of each calendar, which can show you more examples of each one’s content as well as info about how each was designed and made.

New! A Forlorn Collection of Whimsical Tales (originally released in 2010) – This is an older-style calendar, with each month on one single card. Each page contains a vignette in verse telling the story of someone with some kind of serious problem. The entire calendar contains 12 pages, corresponding to the number of months in most years. The weeks are arrayed with Mondays at the start. We did things differently back then.

The Roll-a-Sketch Yearbook (originally released in 2014) – There are some things that simply should not be. We have made mistakes, and we have cataloged them here for the edification and instruction of future generations. This calendar contains hand-drawn strange beasts, fused together and hybridized in unnatural ways by the worst of science. (In truth, the characters were all randomly generated by rolling dice, as is our wont around here!) 

The Gaxian Almanac (originally released in 2013) – Whether you’re a visitor to planet Gax or an expatriate longing for home, this collection of useful bits of Gaxian history, etiquette, and culture is an invaluable companion. Learn why Gaxians habitually devour their own mothers, and marvel at the first Gaxian to bicycle down a volcano! Enjoy this beautifully watercolored tribute to one of the galaxy’s smelliest species.

The Concert of Conscience (originally released in 2015) – Many years ago, in a hall long since demolished, there was a concert which affected all in attendance in profound and maddening ways. The pages of this calendar are the only known account of what occurred, and even its veracity is suspect. From A to Z, each player and each instrument are profiled in these pages, and the uncanny effect of their playing is described. Be one of the few to know what really happened on that cold night long ago—a night dark, without any stars.

Absurd Sports League All-Stars (originally released in 2017) – How much do you know about Pox-Whip, the Many-Named Game, also known variously as Flea-Ball or Loud Checkers? It takes an entire year to explain all its rules, regulations, and customs, many of which contradict each other—but luckily, some of Pox-Whip’s most popular athletes are here to demonstrate the finer points of professional play. Even if you don't yet know a sally from a stove, this All-Star collection will show you exactly why Pox-Whip is on its way to becoming the world’s most popular sport.

This is a downloadable product. You will get an email after checkout with a link to download a PDF file containing the calendar pages and an instruction sheet.

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