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"Expendable" DVD.


It’s my movie! This is a short film I made with my longtime collaborator Todd Croak-Falen. It’s about the henchmen to a James Bond-type supervillain—what they do in their evil compound while they’re waiting for spies to show up. We’ve been taking it to film festivals all across the country and have had a great response (even won a few cool awards).

This is an NTSC region-free DVD. It should work anywhere in North America, and additionally in Europe, Australia, etc. if you have an NTSC DVD player. If you’ve bought DVDs from the U.S. before then you should know if your player is compatible. Also, I should note that this is a professionally glass-pressed DVD (like one you’d buy at the store), not, like, a home-burned DVD. Just so you know.

The DVD contains the film (in brilliant quality) plus over 30 minutes of bonus material including deleted scenes, A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. corporate videos including promotional and training films, and early footage from a test shoot. Our box artwork is by the peerless Justin Pierce.

You can also watch the film itself for free right here! But the DVD has a bunch of special features.

SPECIAL NOTE: This short film is not a profit-making project. All revenue from DVD sales goes towards reimbursing our production costs. Our ultimate goal is to make a feature-length version of Expendable—and to that end, if you are an agent, producer, studio executive, eccentric billionaire, etc. and would like a complimentary copy of the DVD, please email me! I will be more than happy to send you one.

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